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Basecoat Clearcoat

The paint we sell requires two layers of paint, a basecoat and a clearcoat. The basecoat is the actual color of the paint and the clearcoat is a clear, shiny layer of paint that is applied over the basecoat. The clearcoat protects the paint from UV and is necessary to make the paint shine. All colors, regardless of whether they say the word "Clearcoat" in the color description will need a coat of clearcoat to make the color shine.
Even if the original Project was painted with a single stage paint, all new paints made must be a basecoat / clearcoat combination due to new environmental regulations. paints come in separate bottles and are sold separately on our site Tri-coats require a midcoat of paint to achieve the correct color. The midcoat is applied over the basecoat and then a clearcoat is applied over the midcoat.