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Option #1: Touch-up paint not listed: Click Here  
Option #2: Pints & Quarts not listed: Click Here
Option #3: Order Paint with Color matched to your sample!
If you do not find your color or paint code listed here, Don't worry, we can still help you finish your project! Send us a small painted sample of the color you need, at least  (4" X  4")... (An original painted fender, side cover or even an oil or Gas tank)  Just be sure to insure it for full value, in case of damage or loss, and ship it to us VIA   U.P.S.  at:
Cycle Color (Click here to e-mail us, and Request a "Match Authorization number" and address to ship your part)
We will view your part, and hand & eye match to create a formula.  Your Sample or part will be shipped back with your order VIA  U.P.S.
#1.  Color Match Fee is Free with minimum order.
#2.  Then order the paint quantity and related products, online.
#3.  Instead of a paint code, or color, from the manufacturer charts, put in the words"
        * "Match to Sample"
#4.  Package, insure, and ship the sample to us VIA  U.P.S. ( you can use crumpled news paper for inexpensive packing material) (FOLLOW ALL U.P.S. DIRECTIONS)
         A.  Be sure to place a piece of tape, or tag on the sample with your name, address & phone number.  
          B.  Reference the date of your online order, and  include a copy of the Pay Pal purchase  transaction.

Thats all there is to it!

* Match:
This means when you are painting the whole Motorcycle, it will look like the original color when parked next to another Motorcycle of the same paint code.
As long as your painter has experience Blending Repairs, this will provide an acceptable match.  Do not expect a Butt Match! (The same can of paint on different days can produce a different color)
Where parts are side by side, some blending, painting techniques will be required to help with colormatch.  
(See the pages on Painting Techniques)

Color Questions?

Click Here to order Pts. & Qts, if you know your colors.