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Traffic Light Trigger
 Traffic Light Trigger   Traffic Light Trigger
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Amazing Trigger  Works for all Motorcycles!

Tired of waiting at a Traffic light that just won't change?

Traffic Light Trigger

The Traffic Light Trigger makes motorcycles "visible" to traffic light sensors. Once the Traffic light's controller knows a motorcycle's there, the rider will get a green light, just like everyone in an automobile.   
How it works: The most common type of signal sensor is the "loop detector," essentially a metal detector buried in the road. They're easily identified by the circular, square, rectangular, or diamond-shaped saw cuts in the road surface approaching the intersection. That's where the Traffic light's detector coils are placed. Unfortunately, most motorcycles don't have enough magnetically permeable metal in their frames to trigger loop detectors reliably. But the heart of the Traffic Light Trigger is a special high flux magnet, so when a Motorcycle  equipped with the Traffic Light Trigger passes over a loop detector, it acts like a small Signal Generator, inducing a voltage spike as its moving magnetic field cuts across the stationary coil in the road. The controller gets a signal, and the biker gets a green light.

 Approximate size: 2"  Mounts to fiberglass fairing or to the lower frame.
 Will not affect the motorcycle electric system,  and installs in 5 minutes!
 Attaches with Mounting hole or with cable ties

Our Traffic Light Trigger is available in two strength
Basic, with an estimated effectiveness of 80% or more of triggering Vehicle sensing stoplights.
Ultra performance version, with a 25% stronger magnet estimated to trigger 95% of stoplights.
To order online, Click on the Buy Now Button!
Part number: # TLT Basic
Fast Delivery!
To order online, Click on the Buy Now Button!
Part number: # TLT Ultra Preformance
Fast Delivery!

The Traffic Light Trigger Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with the Traffic Light Trigger for any reason, simply return it with your  receipt within 10 days for a full refund of your purchase price.

Q: How and where should the Trigger be mounted?
A: The Trigger can be attached anywhere on the bottom of the motorcycle, as close to the ground as possible. It's a strong magnet, so it will stick securely to any iron or steel frame component, we include cable ties to make mounting faster.
If mounting to fiberglass fairing, drill 2 small holes, and attach with cable ties.


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