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Contact us:
But first, Please check this page, it has answers to most Questions.
CycleColor: e-mail
Cycle Color
PO BOX  # 64
Mokena, IL   60448

* Phone order: (708) 479-5100

Online ORDERS:  
                  Easy to order online! Just put in the quantity, name of the Color and the Paint Code, Clear coat, Reducer, & Catalyst you need for your shop temperature and go to check out.  We take the major Credit Cards for online purchases.                                             

See FAQ's first please: Click Here!
If you cannot find your color or answer:
You May ask "Hans"  at Technical support below

Include this information in your question...
(a) Year
(b) Make
(c) Model
(d) Color Name PLEASE!   Name your color: (Example: Red, Green, Blue, Etc.)
(e) Light, or Medium or Dark PLEASE!  Tell us if your color is: Light, Medium or Dark in shade.
(f ) Metallic color PLEASE!   Tell us if your color has small sparkles in the color (Metallic)
(g) Solid Color
(h) Paint Code if you have it.

  Normal Response time:  " We process first come, first served ASAP"

* Help us get you the color information you need, please answer the questions in full...